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Gifts For Your Ukraine Lady

Girls all over the world like gifts. If you are going to Ukraine don’t forget about presents! Your gift shows your attitude to a Ukraine lady. The way she accepts it indicate her attitude to you. Don’t think about anything strikingly expensive, but your present shouldn’t be cheap either. No matter what you give her, don’t forget about flowers. A Ukraine lady is romantic and it is romance that she expects from a foreigner.

Natalia, 25 y. o., Geography teacher: “I’ve never received flowers from Ukrainian guys. Unfortunately, most of them consider that flowers are unnecessary if people love and understand each other. They consider flowers to be a pure waste of money. And it was such delight when Sean gave me a bunch of flowers at our first date. It made me feel a real lady, a Ukraine lady”.

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Don’t think much about what flowers to give. It’s not as important as it may seem. Marina, 20 y. o., university student: “I am not superstitious and I don’t pay much attention to colour or kind of flowers. It’s much more important who gives me the flowers and what he says giving them”.

If you think that just flowers are not enough for a Ukraine lady, present her a souvenir from your country. It’s always interesting and exciting, especially taking into consideration that most Ukraine ladies have never been abroad. But be careful asking a Ukraine lady such questions like “What would you like to get for a present?” She may tell you either “Nothing, thanks” or “Rolls-Royce, please”, but most likely she’ll tell you “I don’t know”.

So, use every hint your Ukraine lady gives you in the letters. For example, if she says you that she’s studying English, don’t doubt giving her a good English book. A book with high-quality reproductions will be a great present for a Ukrainian lady, who is interested in Arts; a fashionable handkerchief is perfect for a stylish Ukraine lady.

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If you are sure of her tastes, present your Ukraine lady a perfume. It’s a very personal gift and it’s rather hard to choose the right scent, but it is also a best present if you hit the mark. Good perfumes are very expensive in Ukraine, sometimes even more expensive than those in the States. So for many Ukraine ladies it’s hard and almost impossible to buy a high-quality perfume and thus, they have to use fakes, which resemble their favourite

Nina Ricci, Kenzo or D&G. A good perfume is also an ideal present for mother of your Ukraine lady. Don’t forget, that a good present will help you to create the best impression on her parents.
But most Ukraine ladies will agree that the best present for them is your love and sincerity. And maybe a little something, something special, just for you two.

Natalia, 25, Geography teacher: “The best present ever I received when Sean had to go back to the States. He gave me a photo album with his our photos. Our first photos. Just the two of us. It was so touching!”

Whatever gift you decide to give, it will be well appreciated, no matter what it is. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

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