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Why Ukrainian Girls Marry Foreigners

Very often women, who look for a partner abroad, are considered to be losers. They can’t find a husband in the homeland and the Internet is their last hope, their last chance to escape a vicious circle called “home-work-home”. Actually, for some this might be a reason, but for the vast majority of women, it’s a myth.

So if not for this reason, then why are Ukrainian girls so eager to marry a foreigner? First of all, young and ambitious Ukrainian girls want to marry a foreigner for economic reason. Since the economic situation in Ukraine leaves much to be desired, no wonder that most Ukrainian girls look for financial stability. It’s a well-known fact, that the quality of life in the West is higher and one has more opportunities to make a career. And ambitious Ukrainian girls go abroad not because they are losers at home, but because they realize that they can attain more outside Ukraine. Naturally, they look for reasonable and safe ways to leave Ukraine.

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The second reason may seem incredible, but nevertheless it’s very important. Some Ukrainian girls are afraid to marry Ukrainians. They either have already had bad experience, being married, or were witnesses to their parents’ broken marriages. Drinking bouts, beating and violation is so common, that it has stopped to be amoral or shocking. Ukrainian girls believe, that if they marry a foreigner, everything will be completely different. “My parents divorced when I was 8”. – tells Oksana, 28 y.o., English teacher. – “My father was a drunkard and he used to fly into rages when he drank a lot. My mother has never got married again. My first marriage wasn’t happy either. We’ve divorced. I have a child, but I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life. I want to love and be loved and I want my daughter to have a good and caring father.”

Ukraine has a difficult demographical situation. There are more women than men. For every 100 women there are only 97 men. So, at the least, 3 Ukrainian girls out of 100 can’t find a husband. If we add the fact, that men die earlier, some of them at a young age, we’ll see that in big cities every tenth woman at the age of 35 can’t get married just because of demographical problem.

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And there is one more reason, which is closely connected with it. It’s very hard for a woman of 30 or 35 to find a good husband. Ukrainian girls, and accordingly Ukrainian guys tend to get married early – average marriage age for a woman is 23-25, for a man – 25-28. If a woman is 35 and she’s still not married, it’s extremely hard to find a good, loving and caring husband, as all men, who possess all these qualities, have already got married.

In the West the average marriage age is higher, so it’s easier to find a single 35 or 40 year old man. These are the main reasons why Ukrainian girls look for foreign men to be their husbands. Conversely, many foreign men look for Ukrainian girls to be their wives because not only are many Ukrainian girls beautiful, but they are also, loving, loyal and traditional.

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