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Dating A Ukraine Girl

Every year hundreds of Ukraine girls marry foreigners. Why do foreigners prefer dating a Ukraine girl to their countrywomen? The reasons are obvious. Ukrainian women combine beauty and intelligence, love and independence, the ability to make a career and to be a gorgeous housewife. Good taste and sense of humour, a gift to cook delicious meals and good education make them ideal for marriage and dating.

Most foreigners get acquainted with Ukrainian women at Internet web-sites and dating a Ukraine girl means corresponding for several months before the first meeting. How long should you send letters? There is no definite rule. Virtual dating a Ukraine girl may last for a year or 2 months, it depends on many factors. Naturally, a Ukrainian lady will expect you to come as soon as possible if you write 3 letters every day and tell her, that you have your vacation, lots of money and no plans.

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When dating a Ukraine girl, pay attention to how often she writes and how soon she answers your letters. What she writes about herself is also important. If for 2 months she writes only general facts about herself, consider if these relations are worth continuing. If she begs you to come immediately it also looks quite fishy. Read the story of Svetlana, 32, sociologist: “Robert came quite unexpectedly, after 3 month of corresponding. I was not ready and couldn’t understand why he came so soon. He said that I’ve asked him! But it’s nonsense! After all, it turned out that a translator in a marriage agency, who translated our letters, wrote it to him. I hadn’t much time to write long letters, and the agency didn’t want to lose a client, dating a Ukraine girl. But I didn’t know about this!”

Meeting is very important and in most cases is very welcome, but you both should be ready for it. The “master plan”, that a Ukraine woman imagines is “acquaintance – correspondence – phone calls – your visit – her visit - marriage”. When it comes to dating a Ukraine girl all of these aspects are equally important.

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How can you know for sure that she is honest and serious? There are several tips for you. A Ukraine girl will never ask you for money or presents. She needs you, not your money. She will answer all your questions; if her intentions are serious, she has nothing to hide. But, dating a Ukraine girl, you must be honest too.

Ukrainian ladies are known to be sensitive and tactful, they have a priceless ability to understand and forgive. Don’t hide such important things as corresponding with other women, especially if you are going on a trip and would like to visit all of them. If she learns it too late, she’ll think that she was just a toy. If you understand, that she’s not the right person, just send her a short message, saying that she’s a nice person and it was fun to talk to her, but you’re corresponding with another lady.

After all, dating a Ukraine girl, the main thing is to be honest and make her feel that your intentions are serious.

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