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Many men are looking for their second halves in Ukraine. Today the most popular place to make an acquaintance with Ukraine singles is the Internet. Most foreigners use dating sites to meet a beautiful Ukrainian lady and e-mails to get to know more about her. But sooner or later everyone comes to Ukraine to meet his Ukraine single lady face-to-face. This important visit may have various consequences: just the same way as you may come home with a bride, you may be disappointed with your virtual girlfriend. The best way out from the last situation is to try to find a Ukraine single in real life, right on the spot. Where are the best places to look for beautiful ladies?

First of all, consider the hotel you’re staying in. In Ukrainian hotels the overwhelming majority of staff are pretty Ukraine single girls. Svetlana, 32 y. o., sociologist, says: “After our first meeting with Robert it was clear that we’ll never be a good couple. We met for a few times more and then I got to know that he was dating an interpreter from a hotel. At first I was bitterly offended, as it affected my feelings and my pride, besides, he’s never said “Good bye” to me... But then I realized that he was right in his choice.”

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Acquaintances in the street or in a nightclub have both advantages and disadvantages. Many Ukraine single girls consider such acquaintances as not serious, which can entail only a light love affair. On one hand it’s the best choice if you are looking for a pretty and cheerful Ukraine single girl, you’ll never be bored with. Besides, in provincial cities such as Poltava or Sumy a foreigner still draw’s everybody’s attention, so often the girls are first to break the ice.

On the other hand, Ukraine singles, who are about 25-35 y. o. almost never get acquainted in the street and you’ll hardly ever see a woman in her 30s in a nightclub. Where do they hang out?
Cafes and bars are good places to look for a Ukraine single. In big cities a Friday evening is time to celebrate the end of the working week. Just drop in a nice café somewhere near the block of offices. Don’t choose a very expensive one, but a third-rate bar is also the wrong place.

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An average Ukraine single is a woman with average income, but good taste. Note, that in towns you may just waste your time, waiting to meet a Ukraine single in a bar. Most women at the age or 30 are already married or divorced ladies with children, so they usually have no time to sit in a bar and chatter.

If nothing works out, consult a local marriage agency. A lot of Ukraine singles in their 30s use dating services, as there is almost no other chance to get acquainted with a man for serious relations. The marriage agency will quickly find a suitable Ukraine single and organize a date.

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